Hazelnut Fudge Protein Ball (8 Serves)

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Hazelnut Fudge

Box of 8 

Our protein balls last 10 days in the fridge and up to 6 MONTHS in the freezer! So you can share & devour me in 10 days, or hide me in your freezer ready to satisfy those sudden cravings.


Raw, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, refined sugar free and delicious!

Serving size (55g). Packed with 10g of protein! These balls taste just like Nutella! Topped with crushed hazelnuts and cacao nibs to add a little crunch.

Serving Suggestion: Crumble on top of coconut yogurt or protein ice-cream for a guilt-free treat!

Made with only: Hazelnuts, Desiccated Coconut, Plant Protein Powder, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Cacao Powder, Medjool Dates, Cacao Nibs, 100% Pure Maple Syrup + Sea Salt.

Traces of other tree nuts, peanuts, date pit or pit fragments.