Tori . Brooke

Owner & Founder . Health Coach . Recipe Developer

Tori is a Certified Health & Women’s Fitness Coach living on the beautiful South Coast of Australia. With a profound passion for health, fitness and happiness she set out create Delicious snacks and treats that nourish the body too.

Mission: To create uncomplicated, melt in your mouth treats that not only look and taste amazing but make you feel amazing too! Life is about balance and shouldn’t revolve around restricting yourself or feeling guilty about the food you enjoy. That’s why I’ve set out to remove the “guilt” that comes with treating yourself, by removing the junk that traditionally come with desserts and store bought snacks.

All my products are carefully handmade and rolled using minimal, natural ingredients bursting with health benefits to increase energy, ease cravings, support hormones, reduce inflammation and build stronger hair, skin & nails.

Your health and dietary requirements matter to Delish!
That’s why we keep things plant-based, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and low carb.